Friday, September 5, 2014

Vintage Faire Project Wrap-Up... Paint Colors, Products & Techniques

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably already seen most of these photos, as I had posted them just before the Vintage Faire, but I wanted to share a few details about paint colors, products and techniques used for anyone who might be interested!  Most of these items have sold but a few are still available in my booth at Camas Antiques!

This sweet little table ended up with a much more distressed finish than I typically go for but I was loving the contrast of it's shabbiness next to some of my more elegant pieces!
I started with a coat of Paloma Chalk Paint®, followed by a coat of Old White.  After a whole lot of heavy distressing, I got this wonderful marbled look with the original wood grain showing through in places.  I completed the finish with Clear Wax.

I am really trying to savor these final blooms from my garden!  I think the thing I miss most about summer once it's gone is going out into the yard early in the morning to pick a pretty bouquet to enjoy.
Three vintage suitcases got a whole new look with Antoinette and Old White Chalk Paint®.  I used Martha Stewart's Peacock Feather silk screens from Michaels to add some design interest and finished them off with both Annie Sloan's Clear and Dark Waxes.  The coffee table was painted in Old Ochre, distressed and finished with Clear Wax.
This cute little log cabin was my first sale of the day at the Faire!  When I bought it originally it had been painted a glossy white.  I gave it a quick coat of Antoinette and a wash of French Linen.  As much as I love Annie Sloan's wax and use it exclusively on furniture pieces, I couldn't bear the thought of waxing in and out of all of those little crevices.  However, I did want to protect my paint finish so I brushed on a quick coat of Artisan Enhancement's Clear Top Coat for an easy matte protective sealer.
Two sweet little chairs painted in Antoinette were adorned with crowns.  This was a fun project that I hope to do again!  The crowns were printed from The Graphics Fairy on a laser printer, then transferred onto the painted surface with Artisan Enhancement's Image Transfer Gel.

And now I think it's time to start a few more projects!  I hope to have something special completed to share next week!  Have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you for your sweet visit!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good Times at The Vintage Faire and a Table Makeover with Chalk Paint® and Efex Decorative Latex Appliques

Where did the summer go?  I have a lot of catch-up blogging to do!  August was such a busy month!  We celebrated a little guy's 6th birthday, made all of the necessary preparations for going back to school, packed up the kids for an end of summer road trip and participated in the Downtown Camas Vintage and Art Faire!
The Faire was a lot of fun and my husband was a huge help.  I loved that he spent the whole day with me!  I met so many wonderful people and enjoyed visiting with old friends!  Lots of treasures were packed up and made their way to new homes and I had the opportunity to chat with a whole lot of folks about Chalk Paint® and workshops at Camas Antiques!
Today I thought I would share the details about one little table that went to the Faire with me.  When I first spotted it, I knew the potential was there.  It just needed something extra to make it special!
 I was recently given the opportunity to choose a few Efex Decorative Latex Appliques to try.  I was interested in this leaf drop trim and it turned out to be the perfect addition to my little oval table.
What makes Efex appliques so unique is that they are stretchy and bendable, making them ideal for wrapping around curves.  They are also incredibly easy to cut.  I cut one length of the leaf drop trim into four pieces in order to continue the motif all the way around my table.
With the newly added detailed interest on all sides, this table would work beautifully alongside a sofa in the middle of an open concept living room. 
After giving the contact cement glue plenty of time to dry (which is hard for me...because I am incredibly impatient!) I painted the entire table and right over the appliques with Old White Chalk Paint® followed by a wash of French Linen, a little distressing and a coat of Clear Wax.
The addition of the Efex applique and the lighter paint finish gave a simple, sleek table a shabby romantic new look!
Thank you so much for your sweet visit!  I'll be back with more Chalk Paint® makeovers very soon!
Create, Inspire and Share!
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Layers of Patina Advanced Technique Workshop at Camas Antiques

I have had such a blast lately playing around with the Artisan Enhancements products!
Last month I had the opportunity to go to a special training for Chalk Paint® stockists where I gained loads of information about the whole Artisan line. 
A few of the products such as Crackle Tex and Pearl Plaster, I had already been using on some of my furniture makeovers, but the others were fairly new to me and the ideas I gathered at the training really broadened my painting horizons!    
 These eco-friendly, low VOC artistic mediums were designed to work in harmony with Chalk Paint® and the finishes people are creating with them are incredibly inspiring!
I could hardly wait to share this wonderful line of products, which we now carry at Camas Antiques with my painting friends!  I have put together a fun advanced technique workshop to introduce the following products and some ideas for using them: 
Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone
Artisan Enhancements Crackle Tex
Artisan Enhancements Scumble
Artisan Enhancements Clear Topcoat
Artisan Enhancements Transfer Gel
In this workshop we will create a beautiful work of art on a 16x20 stretched canvas, all the while learning several unique products and techniques that while fantastic on their own, are just stunning when applied in layers.  The cost is $90 and includes all materials as well as light refreshments. This workshop is designed for those who have previously taken the Introduction to Chalk Paint® workshop and are ready to take their paint finishes to a new level!

  Layers of Patina Advanced Technique Workshop Dates:
Monday, August 18th 7pm-10pm
Monday, September 22nd 7pm-10pm
Preregistration is required as seating is limited.  You can either register by email and I will send you a Paypal invoice, or you stop by Camas Antiques and register in the store!
If neither of these dates work for you but you would love to attend this workshop, would you do me a favor and let me know! I would also love to hear what techniques you are interested in learning for future workshops!
If you don't live in my area but are interested in the Artisan Enhancements products, please visit their website to find a retailer near you!
Best Wishes and Happy Painting!

Friday, August 8, 2014

When Pickin' Friends Know What You Love!

Last night I gave my little booth at Camas Antiques a much needed overhaul.  Many of my dealer friends were there working away in their own booths and chit chatting with one another!  Truth be told, often times there is more chit chatting than working!  But we're having fun and getting things done, so it's all good!  One sweet friend stopped by my booth to say hello and mentioned that she had found an adorable pink baby scale that reminded her of me.  Moments later I spotted said scale out of the corner of my eye, sitting  near the back door of the shop!

It was love at first sight!  This friend knows me all too well!


She sold it to me for the price she paid for it...super generous friend that she is!
And so, I have a fun new accessory in my pink kitchen!  It looks perfect on the island but will display beautifully on top of the cupboards too!  I had the best lighting for photos on the breakfast nook table today, so I set up my little photo shoot there.
I just couldn't wait to share my new pink treasure with you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

If This Typewriter Could Speak...

My dear grandma just dropped off this wonderful old typewriter at my house last week.  Ironically, I already had the same Underwood model on display in my studio.  I had no idea that my grandma had one sitting out in her storage unit.  And up until a recent phone conversation, she had no idea I would have any interest in an old typewriter!

First she told me to do whatever I like with it.  She admitted that she was just happy to find it a home.  And then she told me that it had belonged to my Great Grandfather!
He used it everyday.  It sat on his desk in his office.  He was the Chief of Police in a small farming community.  I wish I had a photo of him in his uniform to share!

I suppose it's fortunate that this typewriter can't speak, given it's history.  I am however so pleased to have it, knowing that it belonged to my great great grandfather whom when I walked into the room used to say, "Why, bless my buttons!  It's Little Red Riding Hood!  She's come to see Grandma!"

As I am much too practical a person to have two typewriters sitting around the house, the Underwood that I purchased a couple of years ago from an estate sale is now headed to my booth at Camas Antiques.

Coincidentally, my paternal grandfather's first job was as a door-to-door salesman for the Underwood Typewriter Company!
Handsome guy, don't you think?
Thank you for your sweet visit today!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for Drying Roses

I love using dried roses in my Fall crafts and décor.
The actual process of drying them is a lot of fun too.  I have found that certain varieties of roses dry a little better than others.
I have the best luck with my Bonica grows in clusters of small pink blossoms.  I pick the buds that have not yet fully opened.
Picking them early in the morning is best, and after a couple of sunny, dry days so that there is no moisture trapped between the petals.
I like to bundle my perfect little pink buds into pretty bouquets and hang them where I can enjoy them as they dry.  Finding a dry spot, out of direct sunlight is important.  Within a couple of weeks, I have sweet little dark burgundy rose buds that will last and last!
How about you?  Do you dry roses from your garden?  Do you dry any other varieties of flowers?
Thank you for your sweet visit today!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Floral Memories and Wrapped up Paint Projects

If you follow me on Facebook, you might recognize these photos I shared not long ago of the bundles of roses I hung to dry on our breakfast nook chandelier.
My Eden roses don't last long outside because I run out and cut them just when they hit this stage of partially open.  Of course I enjoy them in vases around the house, but this is also the ideal stage in which to dry them.
Dried roses are especially fun to use in Fall décor!
Just before my parents left their beautiful property and headed South for a new adventure last week (that might be a post for another day!), I had my last chance to enjoy some flowers from mom's garden.  I cut as many blooms as I could and hung them to dry under a patio umbrella I had set up in our garage (I wish I had taken a was quite a sight.  I am sure any neighbors who peeked in when the garage door was open thought I was quite eccentric!)
Some of the flowers dried beautifully, others are marginal.  This bunch of peonies and wisteria are my favorite and I really wish I would have cut more of them!  They will definitely be on my wish list for our garden in the future.  I had no idea they would turn out this lovely!
I will treasure this piece of my mom's beautiful garden...a wonderful keepsake.
For those of you who visited me at the Chalk Paint® demo at Camas Antiques last Saturday, here is the completed suitcase that I was working on for the demonstration!  Actually, the chair was another piece that I had started during a demo at a previous event.  I guess this week was one for wrapping up unfinished projects!
I painted the chair in Old Ochre and finished it off with Clear Wax.  The pad I covered with a piece of drop cloth and a crocheted doily found at an estate sale this last weekend.  I love the monochromatic look here with the mix of texture and details.
I am headed to the shop tonight with these pretty treasures and a few more!  Now that I've wrapped up those projects that were sitting around taking up space in the garage...I can go out hunting for more!
Thank you for your sweet visit!
Best Wishes and Blessings,
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